Sunday, February 23, 2014


Snow on the ground, birds in the air
Face to the sun
No worries, no cares
Soon we'll have flowers and warm afternoons
Spring's on her way! Not a moment too soon!

I'm getting so antsy for spring! The temps are warming up and all I can think about is getting down and dirty in my gardens. I have 5 gardens that I put in every year. The one closest to the house is my "salad" garden because I love going out and picking fresh veggies for lunch and dinner salads. I grow anything and everything for a nice hearty, healthy salad, although I must admit I do give in to my weakness for some fried green tomatoes from time to time. For those I use my big beefsteak tomatoes. Delicious fried and the perfect size (when ripe) to be sliced and put on a big 'ol juicy burger hot off the bbq grill! - I'm making myself hungry here!

I have a garden for nothing but squash, another for nothing but melons, another for my beans and cucumbers, and another for my strawberries. Lots of strawberries! Oh! And I have a pumpkin patch!

I've always been fortunate to have an abundant harvest that more than fills our fridge and freezer and I'm always so thankful. I also can and make jams and jellies, sauces and relishes, so the pantry has been well stocked too, but really, when I say we have an abundant harvest, I mean a-bun-dant! Every year we end up giving so much away, two of our neighbors have stopped putting in their own gardens! They just wait for us to come by or ring us up and ask if they can come over and do a little pickin'! I love it!

Can you tell I'm a little excited for spring?? Well aren't you too?? Do you garden?? What fruits n' veggies do you grow??


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    1. Yes it is. It's my favorite time of year. Everything born anew. :)

  2. I can't wait for spring. It will be a welcome relief after all of this snow. Looking forward to the flowers. I am a new follower and look forward to more of your posts♥

    1. Hi Kathy and thank you! Looks like I have the power of 2 with you and Arlee Bird! :) Are you on the east coast? From the news reports it looks like it's going to take forever for all of your snow to melt! Maybe there will be some freak global warming and your snow will be gone and your flowers in bloom! :D We can dream, right?

  3. A very uplifting, cheery blog. I love spring too and all the newness it implies. I have a small garden and also buy from a local organic farm. Have fun in the A-Z (last year my first and it was so much fun). I'll check back and see how you do. You can check out mine at:

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  5. You're getting spring and we're heading into Autumn here in South Africa. I envy you. All the best with the blog challenge

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